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Religious Atmosphere The Cemetery of Mataram Kings 

Kota Gede is the First Capital of Mataram Kingdom II and is located 5 km south east of the city’s centre. Panembahan Senopati, the first king of Mataram, built this small town in 1582. His sacred grave is behind the old mosque. Nowadays Kota Gede is famous with it’s silver industry.

Kotagede has many historical building

Such as Royal cemetery, Mosque, Old Javanese House, etc. The Cemetery of Mataram Kings has a hindu style architecture gate and every gate has wooden door that is beautifully carved. The cemetery is guarded by men in Javanese costume. It still preserved the authenticity of the building structure and architecture that make it up.

Basically it is very prohibited to enter the central cemetery area without the traditional costume of Javanese people. People only can make photo outside, with the panorama of a water source or Sendang Seliran. Inside there are two water source, male water source or Sendang Kakung and female water source or Sendang putri. The parts of Javanese people believe, drink or face washing with the water, can make beautiful and handsome face. The one of the biggest king buried here is Panembahan Senopati which govern the Mataram kingdom in past time. You will be able to learn about the history of Mataram Kings from your trip to the cemetery.  You will be amazed by the great architecture of the tombs and the calm surrounding. Moreover, the cemetery also opens for public everyday. So let’s make your schedule if you want to visit.


Admission Fee & Visitor Info

  • The Royal Cemetery opens Everyday.
  • No fixed entrance fee. However, you can always give donations to the caretaker and do not forget to fill the guest book.

How to Get There ?

  • By public transportation : Trans Jogja, Bus, Becak and Delman (jogja traditional transportation), Taxi (car or motorcycle)
  • By private vehicle: Departed from Yogyakarta downtown, take the route to Kota Gede Market (around there are many that sell traditional foods and souvenirs) by heading east from Malioboro street. Keep going until you find find the direction to the cemetery (Makam Raja-Raja Kota Gede).

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